Today’s Top 10 Car Transport Options

In taking a ride to whichever destination you are bound, you can be spoilt for choice with the large number of quick-ride service providers at your disposal. No matter the destination you are headed for, whether its day or night, today’s cabs will pick you from exactly where you are, conveniently. You can give thanks to changes in technology and service providers development over time, but the bottom line is on one factor, these people are doing a great job.

So, what are some of these car transport services and which of them are the best? Just keep reading on, we are going to outline ten of the top car transport providers for you.


Uber Transportation

When talking of some of the most popular on-demand juggernauts, Uber has to be in the list. Talk of their on time, efficient and polite drivers. They also have GPS, which makes it easy to pick you conveniently from wherever you are; their service is worth going for.

Price- Uber prices range from UberX’s $2.55, UberXL’s $3.85, UberBlack at $7 and UberSUV for $14, all of which have local taxes that depend on the ride you choose.


Lift Transportation

Lyft offers an ideal choice for a convenient ride too. You can always make best of their friendly and customer-oriented services, not to mention their experienced and professional drivers. By the looks of it, this is well a great alternative for Uber or any other major car transport service.

Price- you can always get a variety of prices with Lyft, with baseline charges of $2.50, $8 and some occasional surge time prices of $5.50 and $2.97 per mile with some local taxes. They also have an optional taxi (Lyft Line) going for $2.50 and local tax of 35 cents / minute.


Making its entry into the industry in 2013 and based in Phoenix, this is a great choice for a car transport service. As a growing company, RubbyRide are making effort to offer best services to their customers with reliable convenience.

Price- RubbyRide costs about $299 per month, which is quite a fair deal if you travel a lot around.


This is another significant company in the industry, and you can count on their services, with professional and experienced drivers who are also friendly.

Price- you can get a base fare of $2.55 and other distance charges on top of that. Alternatively, you can go for their classy SUV and “Lux”, which are a bit more costly.


Get Transportation

When it comes to the best car transport service, GETT doesn’t disappoint. With their advanced software that can notify you the much that your trip will cost beforehand, you can be sure of what you are riding at, besides a number of other favorable services.

Price- GETT is going at $10 for any ride around Manhattan in the south of 110th Street. However, there are also provisions for bargains and lower prices, with no surge pricing.


Shuddle Transportation

With Shuddle, you can pre-book rides to school or sports for young kids. This is a great choice for moms with young kids, who can rely on these service providers’ safety precautions. Besides being provided with pictures of drivers and the cars, parents can also monitor the trips in which their kids are involved on the app. This company also features a large number of female drivers (also known as caregivers)


Via Transportation

Via does things differently, featuring ridesharing, where you can book a ride to be picked up and share the ride with anyone else who heading the same direction.

Price- their pricing is attractively simple, with all rides at $5 for pre-purchased ride credit, $7 for each ride (pay as you go) and an extra $2.50 for every additional passenger. Remember, these prices have some taxes on top of the charges.


This company gives you options for cars with extra seats, water or snacks, all of which can be great if you are in for a long travel with family or friends. The Sidecar is another great alternative for many popular rides.


Halio Transportation

Hailo is yet another company that has been offering ideal services to its customers. With their innovative feature in which you can pay for you bill and hail a street taxi through the app, you can be assured to get better deals with them. The Europe based company is a car transport choice to consider.


Another taxi on-demand choice for urban folks, this is a great way to ride. Their option for customers to pay their bill with cash makes the Curb special in the industry. The rebranded company is further eyeing at advancing their services to provide pre-booked trips to airports and other places.

With such wide variety of cabs and ready-rides home, office or to that special club or restaurant, you cannot complain about difficulties in commuting around town and beyond. You can make your choice according to your preference, and get where you are going in no time, life can never be better.