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Welcome to the home of Washington's Premier Towing Association,
Independent Towers of Washington

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3/12/12 Track House Bill 2372 Which is trying to limit private impound rates

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Association Profile:

Our Mission:

Our mission at ITOW is to give as much control of our industry back to the towing companies of Washington State through fair and balanced representation. We realize that the greatest majority of towing companies in our state are small businesses with no more that 2 or 3 trucks, and those companies have historically had little input into the industry decisions that have effected their companies. We at ITOW are changing that by offering a more balanced approach to representation where EVERY company is equally important and is equally served by the association.

We are also working to protect the future of our industry for ALL companies by acting as a strong collective voice for our members when industry issues arise. Not only does ITOW address the large issues that effect us all, ITOW will work on any issue your company may have no matter how small.

Our Primary Goals:

  •  To protect the viability and profitability of the towing industry in Washington State
  •  To help towing companies grow, prosper, and survive in changing industry.
  •  To protect towing companies against unjust or unfair regulation.
  •  To keep the towing industry a honest, respected profession by all. 


  •   Jerry Goddard of Jerry's Towing and Automotive
  •   Bill Trull of Bill's Towing & Recovery
  •   Mike Hasting of Silverdale Towing

ITOW Contact Information:

Independent Towers of Washington
2724 Pacific Avenue S.E. Suite B
Olympia, WA.  98501


Nationwide 1-800-765-2456
Olympia 360-754-1912
Fax 360-705-1477

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