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The New York City streets are positively begging for relief. The no. of vehicles on the road have been steadily increasing since the last forty years, and today’s New York is infested. One can’t move across two blocks without being stuck in traffic. The traffic problem not only creates problems for commuters, it is also a grave issue for the people travelling on foot. Therefore, the traffic regulations in the city are quite strict and any vehicles parked in a Non-Parking area or restricted private property are towed immediately.

Some of the other reasons that might lead to the vehicle being towed include outstanding parking tickets of more than $350, camera violations, or a variety of other penalties that might be faced by the customer. In case of judicial reason, the vehicle itself can be towed from anywhere, including personal property.

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Vehicle Towing New York is quite active. Towing is a necessary evil, and one has to accept that it is for the greater good. That being said, tracking the towed vehicle is one of the most difficult jobs out there. The towed vehicle can be carried to a number of locations, depending upon the car, towing company etc. This is exactly why, ITOW.org exists. This community is dedicated to help finding a towed vehicle and thereby saving valuable time of the customer.

It does that by maintaining a database of all the towing companies in the city. The vehicle can be tracked by making use of the license plate and other valuable information. It aims to provide quick service, and help the user track these services.

Vehicle Towing New York is quite advanced as the vehicle is logged into the system in a maximum time for 2 hours. After that, tracking the vehicle becomes fairly easy. It’s all reduced to finding the car location, the agency that towed the car, other payment options on some of the outstanding fines on a car, or other possible penalties. ITOW.org makes this process easier for the consumer.

In worst case scenarios, when the vehicle cannot be tracked, even after the passage of 2-3 hours, it is advisable to contact the nearest precinct to either check on this current status, or to report it as stolen. The towing always takes place with the information present in the system. Another great way to find a towed vehicle without knowing its license number is the helpline 311. They will guide you through the process, and help accordingly.